nightmistress85 (nightmistress85) wrote,

Vampire Hunter D Vol. 2

Read the book. Here's my review. Beware of slight spoilers.

I really enjoyed this book as well as the first! I felt a whole new
atmosphere in this one than the first book which is a good thing. I
liked the book cover for the volume one better. However, the
illustrations I felt were better than the ones we see in the first
book. D's quite a gorgeous specimen indeed. I liked how it was much
more mystery-like allowing me to unravel some clues on my own. It
didn't cause me to lose the sense of action and adventure either. I
liked Lina's character. She had to deal with a lot of turmoil, but
still acted like a typical love-struck 17 year old. I LOVED D being
the romantic one. I loved him trying to figure out Lina and why she
had the effect on him that she did. The erotic situations were kind
of gross, but it got the point across to make my skin crawl and hate
characters. I noticed some stuff out of this book is what we see in
the Bloodlust film:

The first account was when how Lina talked about the rain making one
sentimental. In bloodlust Leila and D have a moment in the rain
where she states this.

The second was when D was caught in the dimension. He had to deal
with the situation somewhat differently in Bloodlust though.

Then we see the hallucinations. D sees the woman in a white dress
with long black hair in front of her face as to not reveal her
identity. I think it was implied that it was his mother like in
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