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Saw the FMA movie

I was willing to deal with what BONES did, so overall the movie was pretty good. I had some major problems, but I was fair about it. They just poured salt on the wounds though with the post-movie letters from Ed and Al in the new Animedia scans. Turns out Noah and Ed are living together. I am wondering where the hell Al's living. Furthermore, BONES sucks!!! I am an EdWin fan and so it was really hurtful to see that not only did BONES split them up, but they gave him a girlfriend too. That pisses me off because people dedicated well over a year to supporting that couple (and years if you count the manga), yet some mary sue out of the blue gets to come in and have him?

But I guess things have to be put into perspective. Ed and Winry most likely weren't going to be JUST for each other. It's rare in most lives that you end up having only one significant other. Ed will have girlfriends and Winry will have boyfriends. But no amount of significant others in the world will ever have the same bond that they've got. I think this letter showed it. Even though he currently is with someone, it's still hard for him to write to her and know what to say because it seems like he's not saying what he truly wants to. He can't work around what he really wants to tell her (and yeah, it's a pretty big thing). It'd be too hard based on the circumstances. She is different for Ed and she will be with him every moment of everyday when he uses his left leg and right arm. He knows that too. But he's gotta move on. He's gotta live. And so does she. And when they meet again to be together, they'll have hott, passionate, [i]experienced[/i] sex. ;)

And on a more somber note, being that BONES wanted to incorporate real history into the movie, I'll conjure up a theory that Noah and her friends don't return. They [i]are[/i] gypsies in Germany afterall. Either they escape from the country or are captured and history takes its horrible, disgusting course.

You'd better believe I'll be writing a fic on this one.
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