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It's been a while my lovely journal! However, I've got a new series to gush over

This is for all of the Blood+ fans out there. Be forewarned that this will be a LAP but I hope you read anyway:) . I'm probably late but I've been incredibly busy lately and just recently began to get into the show. I watched it all in a span of a week (though it doesn't touch my FMA personal 2-day record). I finished it off yesterday and let me tell you, I've never seen a more satisfying anime. It had pretty much everything that I look for in a show. Action, Drama, Romance, and had the nerve to cap it off with vampires (creatures that I have been interested since before I can even remember now). I look back on the earlier eps and compare it with the end and it really seems like a totally different show. Everyone was able to grow. Saya wasn't AS kick-ass as I was expecting. However, I am an Alucard FFF(forever faithful fangirl) so he sets the bar pretty damn high. She was still pretty cool though.

I will admit that at first I wasn't the biggest Kai fan. He came off as a bit too whiney, but he pulls his weight towards the end and I do feel for him as he does lose a LOT in this series. He loses his dad, his brother (in a horrific way), and his Saya for 30 years. He then takes on even more responsibility for his young age becoming a "father" for Diva's babies. He is an amazing person.

Diva was another one. After I learned of how she was raised, I completely blamed Joel and Amshel for why she ended up like that. Diva's life compared to Saya's reminds me of a psychology course I took. We learned about nature vs. nurture for twins who are split up and raised differently. One finds that nurture plays the greatest influence of all. I didn't like Diva per se (especially after what she did to poor Riku:cry) but it definitely sucked what happened to her. And it also seemed like her motherly instincts were going to kick in and bring some good out in her.

As for Mao. I didn't really see why we needed her at first, but she ended up having a significance so that works for me. I would have liked to have seen her be Kai's strength like she said she wanted to be all that time. She traveled all over for him so it is kind of a bummer that it didn't pay off. Kai/Mao fans do get their wish in the sense of them kissing, but it sucks that it didn't "seal the deal" like the other kisses in the show to confirm them as a couple.

I was happy for Julia and David. Hopefully she can develop some sort of way in the future for Saya to possibly be away much longer and sleep a lot less. Maybe she can stay awake for 30 years and sleep for 3 instead of the other way around like it is now.

Riku Riku Riku. He was such a sweet heart. You just wanted to hug him. I felt so awful after everything that happened to him. And then for it to end like it did…I was seriously near tears. He reminds me a lot of Al from FMA and I love Al to pieces.

As for couples:
Haji/Saya is my OTP hands down and has been since ep 1. I will say I was EXTREMELY ecstatic and relieved to see it become canon because I don't get that as often with pairings I truly like. It's either implied, or only one of the two feels that way for the moment (development is still in the works. Ed/Winry from FMA for example). But yeah, I loved this relationship because it has that timeless sense to me. They've been through so much and he sacrifices so much for her over and over again. It was just a beautiful and touching moment to see them confirm it in episode 50. I personally think Haji is very much alive. The colour of the rose, the ribbon around the rose, and Kai's statements make me believe that. I think we didn't see him because implying it allows for us the analyze the symbolism of the rose. I found it pretty powerful and extremely romantic. He's around, he's waiting, and he loves her just like always. He exists for Saya and only Saya. However, with that in mind I think it's also possible that he kept his distance because he wanted Saya to enjoy her limited time with everyone else and not complicate things with him being around. He DID also leave her to Kai in the last moments we saw him. Haji and Saya have nearly an eternity to spend together while the time she spends with everyone else is very precious and short. And whose to say he isn't looking over them in the background? There's no imminent danger to them right now so possibly he feels he isn't needed. Besides, him being around when she fell asleep this time would have ruined the Kai/Saya moment at the end. I felt like Kai deserved that moment just for himself.

I feel for Kai/Saya fans. I was actually fearing this pairing would happen, especially after I thought Haji initially died and he left her to Kai. I had suspected Haji would die in the end when he told Riku that only Riky could be with her forever. Then I started to think about how his death would also help the Kai/Saya pairing along to happen. I do really respect that he sacrificed so much for her and that he loved her. And I felt like it was beaten into our heads that he did love her beyond brother/sister means. He didn’t really need to say it. But once I get stuck on a pairing, it's hard to change it and the interaction between Haji and Saya all throughout it just continued to reinforce my love for that pairing instead. And in the end, Haji/Saya was finally realized thanks to Kai when he gives Haji a much needed sock to the face. Kai stepped aside because I think he knew in his heart that it would not be an “in the long run” type of relationship. He was there for her in the way that she needed him to be.

Something about this situation reminds me so much of Harry/Melfina from Outlaw Star. Oddly enough, I supported Harry/Melfina greatly even though Harry was a lunatic. The way he died for her though was so incredibly sweet. Solomon wasn’t crazy like Harry though. And it was amazing that he could push through the blood bond with himself and Diva to go for Saya instead. He had a good heart unlike the others so I was a bit sad to see him go. Still didn’t want him with Saya though, naturally. And was it just me, or does Solomon remind you of a slightly less hott Tamaki from Ouran Host Club? Tamaki’s drop dead gorgeous and Solomon comes somewhat close.

As for the kisses:
Haji/Saya’s kiss in the end and build up to it was hands down my favourite in the series. While we got a kiss in ep 1 (which Saya reflects/blushes over in ep 7), I still had to wait 49 more for their TRUE kiss as lovers. I loved every moment of it. His words as he was approaching her, encouraging her to live, when they had their telepathic moment, and of course the full on kiss. And the poor supporters that watched this show from the start a year ago had to wait over a year! You poor things I don’t know how you stood it! We get 3 kisses with them, but I wonder if we technically had a 4th. In ep 16 or 17 when she dreams about when she was going into one of her past sleeps, he hovered over her for a minute there. I won’t argue too much on that one but I do kind of wonder.

David and Julia’s was sweet, but we didn’t get to see much of it because it was too far back.

Mao and Kai’s was very close up, but too bad on HIS end it wasn’t as meaningful. I need to see meanings in the kisses between both people to truly appreciate and fangirl
over it.

Favourite eps:

Ep 22 – I’ve watched that one several times. I’m a Saya/Haji fangirl, what can I say! I loved seeing him as a little boy talking back to her. The Haji of today is pretty silent, though gentle and deadly when he needs to be. Back then he told her how it was and had no problems letting her know his feelings.

Ep 50 - I would be completely content personally without any OAV, movie, or any kind of continuation. I just don't want it to ruin how things are now which seem happy. I just don't want to be left with less closure after the continuation compared to what the show has left me with. I had to learn that lesson the hard with FMA. I personally really liked the ending of the show, but the movie in general just didn't do it for me. The characters I cared about most (the military, Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye especially) didn't get any sufficient focus and I don't know what happened to them when it was all said and done. In Blood+ however, I see David and Julia are doing well, Kai's being a great "dad," and Haji is alive and will be there for Saya (who is sleeping peacefully) once again. Others don't have to believe he is alive, but I certainly do based on the implications and that's good enough for me! My opinion is totally feasible. It also helps to see the majority believe this on the web. I know many would like to know what happens with Mao, but she wasn’t important enough to me to warrant a continuation with the risk of less closure on everyone else's parts.

This is probably my fave vampire anime series. Out of all of the eps, there was maybe 1 where I was bored. And also it gave me everything I wanted. I love Hellsing and all, but that was only 13 eps and compared to the manga, it is nothing. Trinity Blood looked very promising but didn’t do anything for me when it was all said and done. I hear the manga blows the show away though. Vampire Hunter D 1 and 2 I loved greatly, but those are only movies so are short. NightWalker was good, but it was only 13 eps as well. The Blood: The Last Vampire movie was awful awful so it I am amazed that such a wonderful anime was able to come of it. Are there any other shows that are as long and great as this one?
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