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It's official. There is NO level of smiley or words to truly convey my level of fangasm

It's been roughly 3 hours since seeing the new Naruto chapter 347 and I am just NOW able to make some coherent thought (key word is SOME). Kishi, I swear you sly bastard, you. You know how to keep us coming back. That's for damn sure!

I see his message to the yaoi masses. "YOU CAN'T DO IT LIKE ME, BITCHES!!" And you know what, he's absolutely right. NO amount of fanon material has EVER had the effect on me that this just did. I mean seriously. CANON yaoi! No mistakin' it.

I seriously can't believe he threw ALL innuendo out the window this time and just went for it. Man that dude's got balls. And SEME Sasuke at that. My personal opinion to Naruto's reaction was that he was simply mad that it wasn't HIM under Sasuke. And Sakura! You closet yaoi fangirl you. Welcome to the community! We're a fun, crazy bunch, but our men are pretty! You've got the hang of it aaaaalready. Guess it's safe to say she still finds Sasuke to be the hott piece of ass he always was (she's got eyes so she should).

Sai's reaction was funny as all hell. "Ah it's me and Sasuke-kun." As if it was nothing out of the ordinary. Then of course he had like NO reaction to the yuri.

This chapter was so rediculously yaoi-filled. I loved it. One thing is for sure, no one can EVER tell me now that SasuNaru's completely impossible. THANK YOU KISHI!!! As for Suigetsu and his penis being literally centimeters from Sasuke hand, that had me going there. But then the SasuSai moment blew it all out of the water. Sasuke wasn't phased by Suigetsu's nakedness. He wasn't particularly staring directly at him either though. I really wonder what Sasuke's got cooking up.

Don't think I'll ever be able to ship SasuSuigetsu for the sole reason of his teeth! I mean really, would YOU want those kind of teeth around your junk and your face?

Also, I think we can officially declare that Sasuke's not fat!

I did quite like seeing his slight smile at seeing "Naruto bridge." Sasuke inspires more and more hope every chapter.

I wonder who this new chick will be. Hope she's really cool and hott-looking. I am SOOOO ready for an awesome memorable chick fight. Not sure if Sakura and this girl will ever lock horns, but somebody had better be kicking someone's ass. Chick action is always special. GIRL POWER!!!
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