nightmistress85 (nightmistress85) wrote,

I can say "I was there" on 1/20/09

President Obama's Inauguration was indeed an amazing experience. I'm really glad I bit the bullet and just came. I figure, if people can trek from across the country, even the *world*, I can hop my behind on the train and go for it too. The train ride was only one hour to get there, and then we left right after the ceremony so the subway was clear. Hells if I was staying any later though.

I've never seen such a spectacle. The amount of people was incredible. I'm not sure I will ever see something like that again. The atmosphere was really surreal. Everyone was just so happy and hopeful. My fear was that people would be douche bags, but quite the contrary. We were all just so happy and peaceful. That's the type of humanity I can deal with. One lady collapsed and everyone came over to see that she was okay instead of just trampling her and moving on. I saw a lot of tears too, happy tears of course.

And yes, it was pretty cold. It really helped that we were walking a lot, but once we got situated on the mall, the concrete was cold so naturally my feet slowly started to feel like they'd fall off. *sigh* what and amazing and historic day.
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