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Love Disconnected - My latest AMV

Hi there my fellow Nana fans! A little while ago completed this amv. It's competing in an anime convention final this weekend so I figure what better time to announce it than now? Anyway, it contains major manga spoilers for chapter 77, though it is technically not an anime spoiler. I hope you all can take a peek. It's definitely tailored to you guys ~_^.

The youtube info:
I recommend to watch this video in High Quality (the timing's a little more precise). This amv contains *major* manga spoilers for the anime and manga series Nana. Ironically though, it technically doesn't contain an anime spoiler whatsoever. Before chapter 77 I was going to go a completely different route with this amv. I had been planning it long before I even read the chapter. After it happened, I cried. I seriously cried. I wasn't sure what to do because I just didn't have the motivation to make a Nana/Ren amv knowing the outcome of 77. However, it then hit me that the song still would fit if I changed the perspective a bit. To be honest, I sort of feel like it makes the point even more meaningful. While I do hope people in general can understand the concept it, I have a feeling that Nana manga readers are going to be the ones to truly understand it best. This is for all of you Nana fans out there! Especially you Nana/Ren shippers!
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