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Wow. Going over my old journals and found one from two years ago before I took hiatus 1 from Naruto. My my how things don't change except for now, on top of that, I know for a fact that Kishit is a sexist money hungry hack who can eat shit and choke on it as far as I'm concerned. Team 7? Who needs a team 7!? Ninjas with common sense? Pish posh!! A useful Sakura? Best. Joke. EVER!! A useful Kakashi? Naaaaaaah!! Why I didn't take the hint that this show had jumped the shark is beyond me. But better late than never. No hiatus this time. I'm done with the series. There's nothing Kishit can do to redeem it, and there's nothing he will do to redeem it.

Thank you, Kim Harrison, for updating your interesting and dynamic story to finally make me realize it! Reading that new book while following the latest Naruto chapters just made me realize how utterly lack luster Kishit is as a writer now. He is soooo out of ideas and it's very obvious.
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