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Elven Therapy - New fanfic

Title: Elven Therapy
Series: Rachel Morgan by Kim Harrison
Spoilers: Black Magic Sanction
Rating: M
Pairing: Trent/Rachel, some Quen/Ceri
Summary:  Rachel's missed her flight out to her brother's wedding and it leads to an afternoon...and evening that she never expected with a certain someone. Rated T for now, but it will become M.

Chapter 1

God, I was such a bumbling idiot. Only I could possibly leave my ID at home for one of the most important events of my brother's life. Damn, I could have sworn that I'd had it. Sure, everybody knew me. I was in the paper enough. My naked front and backside was all over the media plenty enough after that stint from not even a month ago. But I guess that wasn't enough as far as airport security was concerned. I totally missed my flight out west, and everything was booked until tomorrow. Sure, I could try to ride a line out there, but I was still a newb and this wasn't a life or death situation...rather a 'til death do us part' one. I hoped he didn't think that I forgot it on purpose. Oh well. At least it gave me one day less of his nagging about when it'd be my turn to walk down the aisle. Sometimes I wondered if it would ever be the right time for me.

I decided to leave my luggage in the car since I was going to leave in the morning. Enjoying the quiet while everyone else was already heading west, I decided to turn on the tube. Lucky me, Terminator 2 was on. It was at the really awesome part where Sarah Connor was trying to escape from the mental institution. Now she was cool...for a human of course. In a way, she was a woman after my own heart. If only the world knew what I knew. And who knows? Maybe someday my kids would be as badass as John Connor. A sense of destiny undoubtedly surrounded them, and they weren't even here yet.

Before I got too depressed about it, I'd heard Rex mewing as she walked into the living room. The poor thing jumped into my lap, seeming to grasp that she would be starved for attention over the next few days. She made it quite obvious that she wanted me to fill the quota until Jenks returned. Somehow cats could always tell when you'd be gone for the day or longer. They'd adjust their needs accordingly. "Nobody's around, so you love me now, eh?" While purring, the cat pushed her head further into my hands as I scratched under her chin. I couldn't help but smirk just a little.

Petting Rex had been the most therapeutic and relaxing point of the day. If it were up to her she would have stayed on my lap all day, but a jingling at our mailbox caught my attention. I sat Rex down, deciding to meet the mail man. She was still in such euphoria that she barely noticed when I stopped. Opening the door, I started, "so who wants my money now, Mr. Mail Ma-" Whoops. It wasn't the mail man, rather it was Quen. He was surprised to see me. "Rachel?" he started. "I thought you were heading out west for your brother's wedding." Man, they're good at keeping tabs on me. I thought, slightly annoyed.

"So did I. Rachel being Rachel is why I'll be staying put until tomorrow." I said, my disappointment obvious. "What brings you by?"

"Well, I am sure you're very aware that Ceri is due soon," he said calmly.

"Yeah? That's great to hear, Quen! So, I'm guessing that elves carry for nine months as well?" I asked, my mood improving slightly. He nodded.

Usually I wasn't too big on kids until they were a little older. Admittedly, I wasn't exactly Barney, but a new baby was still exciting. I noticed that Quen seemed a little nervous. Daddy-to-be jitters perhaps? He was in his later forties, and this was his first child. It would undoubtedly be a change in his routine and priorities. "So, would you like to come in? I could make you a cup of tea if you'd like," I offered.

"Oh, no thank you. I'm fine. I was just in the area and wanted to personally deliver an invitation for her baby shower."

A smile crept to my face. "Did they have baby showers back in her time?" I asked.

"Yes, they did," he affirmed. A look of concern crossed his face as he continued. "I really want this for her. She has been very isolated as of late per Dr. Ander's orders. Ceri understands that it is necessary for the sake of our child, but it is stressful. In addition to that, she is experiencing mood swings of a mother-to-be. Perhaps her spirits would be lifted if she were surrounded by a few friendly faces." His eyes were soft and sincere. He so obviously loved her. After centuries of servitude in the Ever-After, I was happy for Ceri to find him.

"So, is there a registry? No offense, but I'd rather not pick an item that I'll be paying off for the next 5 years. At the same time, I'd really like to get her something special."

"Sa'han has already prepared a list. Perhaps you should contact him?" He said with a sly smile. His intentions were far from subtle. I was sure that Quen memorized every item on the list. He just liked creating opportunities for me and Trent to end up in the same vicinity.

"Quen..." I sighed.

"I believe he has other matters to discuss with you. However, this could be a good topic of conversation. Even though he's a master at hiding it, Trenton is almost as excited about the birth as we are. And considering his purpose, his joy may surpass our own."

That was Trent for you, doing all that he could to save his race. No matter the price. No matter the consequence. No matter the blood on his hands. He believed it was worth it, and now he would witness the success of his lifelong efforts.

Weddings, and babies, and weddings, oh my! As long as there were no funerals, I could manage it.

"All right, all right." I gave in. "When does he want to meet? Luckily, my afternoon just freed up."

It was damned hard to turn him down. What could I say? I liked the guy. There was no point in asking why Trent wanted to meet with me. I knew that Quen wouldn't make a peep until it was time to get down to business.

"He should be in the office this afternoon. I can drop you off there if you'd like," he proposed.

"I guess that'll work. I'll grab my jacket. See you in the car."

Before leaving, I realized that my plain lavender sweater simply wasn't going to do. I had been dressed for a long and potentially chilly flight. I usually went for casual and comfortable in those instances. Though I wasn't dating Trent, and kept telling myself that I didn't like him, I was always very appearance-conscious around him. I must have had some sort of subconscious complex. I could one-up him in certain areas, but wardrobe was one of the many where there was simply no contest. Even if I had money, I still couldn't do it.

Trent never looked anything less than impeccable, ever. From his Armani suits, to his custom made Italian tuxes, to his designer jeans and sweaters, to a burlap sack, he just made it work. Every. Single. Time. But considering he'd seen me at my most naked...and my most hairy, I should have been over it by now. But even though the mystery was over, I guess things didn't change that easily. A smile crept to my lips as I realized the only solution. I simply had to get even someday.

I decided to quickly change into a blue spaghetti-trapped top since it matched my jeans and black ankle boots nicely. The cut of the flowing satin lace top exposed what little cleavage I had, but I worked with it anyway. Grabbing my leather jacket, I left the church.

To be continued...

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